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Julius Borges is proud to be the founder of the Newport Guitar Festival.


love of tradition is what drives Julius Borges. He combines impressive skills as a journeyman cabinetmaker together with his lifelong love affair with the guitar to offer an instrument of unparalleled harmonic complexity, seemingly endless headroom and power.

Borges is convinced that to create a concert grade acoustic guitar today can only be done by understanding the past.

"Where the problem is old, the old solutions will nearly always be best (unless some new technique has been introduced) because it is inconceivable that all of the designers of ten or twenty generations will have been fools."

David Pye, author of The Nature and Art of Workmanship, from Fine Woodworking, Issue #50 Jan/Feb 1985.

Let Julius Borges' unique understanding of vintage guitars and period woodworking techniques provide you with an instrument that will astound you for a lifetime.

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